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Security Alarm Benefits

A home or business alarm system is proven to be an extremely effective deterrent to a burglar. US Department of Justice crime statistics show that 74.3% of unsuccessful burglaries can be attributed to a burglar alarm system scaring away the intruder, while the probability of a burglary at a residential site without an alarm system is 14.8%. The benefits of an APS alarm system are clear!

Burglars want to get in and out of a property as quickly as possible without being seen or getting caught. It follows that the main enemies of the burglar are time, light and noise. The would-be burglar does not care what kind of home, busness or person he targets - he just wants to know that he won’t be seen or slowed down. An APS alarm system that is visible to an intruder shows that you are security conscious and that he is unlikely to be able to enter your home or business unnoticed. The possibility of a loud noise erupting from an alarm system when the intruder enters your location represents a huge risk for the burglar. He probably won’t risk it.

Take a look at the 2005 FBI Uniform Crime Report for the Los Angeles area.

2005 FBI Uniform Crime Report
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